9 Skin Care Habits That You Should Get Rid Of Now!

We try to inculcate as many good skin care habits as we can without realising that there are so many bad ones that we should ditch as soon as possible. Using natural skin care products, having a full-fledged skincare regime, never walking out of your house without applying sunscreen, or following a strictly organic diet is meaningless if you have these nine bad skin care habits.

  1.    Moisturizing: People with oily skin are prone to pimples and acne; they believe that moisturising the skin will cause the skin to break out even more, so they often don’t moisturise their skin. Washing and cleansing the skin repeatedly dries it out, because of which the follicles secrete more sebum which makes the skin oilier and increases the chances of getting acne. Moisturizing the skin after a thorough cleansing prevents the skin from getting overtly oily; it also prevents acne and pimples.
  2.    Make-up brushes: The thought of cleaning the make-up brushes rarely occurs to people. But what people don’t know is that unclean makeup brush is almost like a petri-dish full of bacteria, which can severely damage our skin. Make-up brushes, therefore, must be cleaned thoroughly after every few applications.
  3.    Over-cleansing: Cleansing the face is good but cleaning it more often than required will dry out the skin, which will cause the follicles to secrete more sebum to restore the oil balance of the skin, which in turn will cause the follicles to clog and get inflamed. Follow a proper skin care regime but don’t over-cleanse your skin.
  4.    Not removing the make-up: Removing make-up after a long and tedious day is quite cumbersome, so we often skip it since we can always wash it off in the morning. This is perhaps the worst mistake anyone can make. Make-up contains chemicals which are not always good for the skin. They also cling to the skin and clog up the follicles, which causes the acne-causing bacteria to grow and cause acne. The worst part is, the makeup stays on the face for an extended, and it is mixed with dirt and dead skin cells and can cause extensive damage to the skin.
  5.    Picking pimples: Touching the face too much is not a good habit since our hands contain a lot of bacteria which can cause our skin to break out. Picking pimples or trying to get rid of blackheads is not at all suitable for the skin. It causes infection in the follicles which spread around and causes the face to break out even more. Once a pimple dries out, it leaves dark spots and blemishes all over the face.
  6.    Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a must; it protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays which causes premature ageing, wrinkles and dark spots. Just because your sunscreen has a high SPF doesn’t mean that you can use it infrequently and get the same protection or you can use it in less quantity. Apply sunscreen every time before you leave the house and wash it off once you come back.
  7.    Over-exfoliating: Exfoliating is good as it cleans out the follicles and reduces bacteria build-up. But over-exfoliating the face can leave the skin inflamed, and even increase the oil production and bacteria build-up.
  8.    Stress and lack of sleep: Stress and lack of sleep make the skin oily. Rest has a restorative function, and if you deprive the body of sleep, then the damaged skin cells won’t get enough time or chance to get repaired. It will also prevent proper blood circulation which will hinder the natural detoxification process of the skin. All this will cause the skin to wrinkle, and it will make the skin look dull. Also, try to change sheets and pillowcases frequently, for they accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and dead skin cells over time.
  9.    Wrong products: This is perhaps the most fundamental mistake people often make. Choose skin care products based on your skin type. For instance, moisturiser for dry skin should never be used by someone who has an oily, because the excess oil will cause the skin to break out. Also, pay attention to the ingredients list and avoid things which contain alcohol, paraben, or SLS etc.

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