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trust ZHJING Boss Chair Ergonomic C Office NEW before selling ☆ Executive

ZHJING Boss Chair Ergonomic Chair Executive Chair Office Chair C


ZHJING Boss Chair Ergonomic Chair Executive Chair Office Chair C

Product description


Color: Beige , Gray+cyan , Gray+black , Orange , Black
Overall dimension: 69X66(100-110)cm
Weight capacity: 10kg
Package includes: 1 x office chair

Key Features
Breathable mesh cushion and wide backrest
Support 360 degree rotation
Height adjustable
High-strength load-bearing stand and nylon chair wheel
Tilt angle adjustment range: 90°-120°
The product delivery period is about 10-15 days
Due to different computer monitors, shooting conditions and other factors, product images and in-kind may lead to some color, product pictures for the actual shooting, please feel free to purchase.
If you have any questions about the product content, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to serve you
Please read the product description, I wish you a happy shopping!

ZHJING Boss Chair Ergonomic Chair Executive Chair Office Chair C

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