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YGUIYONG Hair Clip New Shipping Free 8PCS Alloy Round discount Moon Hairpins Triangle Penta

YGUIYONG Hair Clip 8PCS Alloy Hairpins Moon Triangle Round Penta


YGUIYONG Hair Clip 8PCS Alloy Hairpins Moon Triangle Round Penta

Product description

Color:Picture 1


- Color: Golden and Silver.

- Material: Alloy.

- Triangle Size: About 6*5cm. Length about 6.5cm.

- Moon Size: About 5.5*2.5cm. Length about 5.5cm.

- Round Size: About 4.8(dia)cm. Length about 6.5cm.

- Pentagram Size: About 5*2.8cm. Length about 6cm.

- Suitable for graduation, party, prom, daily wear and any event to be a beautiful goddess.

- Gift idea for your best friend, lover, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, mother, daughter, grandma on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day.

YGUIYONG Hair Clip 8PCS Alloy Hairpins Moon Triangle Round Penta

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