Cancer: Stages Of It That Effects The Human Health

What we are experiencing around us is the ratio of cancer patients are increasing year by year. The human body has the tendency to give alarm or warning symptoms, but sometimes people ignore it and the condition get worse. Cancer is the common fatal disease that people are going through. The basic factor responsible for the cause of it is a hereditary factor and the lifestyle that affects the most. But if we say that there is one natural medicine that can help in treating cancer very well.

Medical marijuana nowadays is in limelight for its incredible beneficial properties to treat the variety of medical ailments. Cannabis oil is used in anxiety, depression, and stress and also in cancer to make people strong to fight against them.

People are unaware of the stages of cancer that gives symptoms signs to alert them to have the early treatments. Early stage diagnosis makes a difference in treatment; one can be easily free from cancer by early treatments. There are 7 stages of cancer that we are going to discuss here.

  •    The first stage is not a disease but the person feels tired, exhausted, and worn-out in their daily routine. The cure for this stage is having adequate sleep to make you energetic.
  •    The second stage is the toxemia stage where toxins saturate our body. This happens when one ignores the symptoms of the first stage. A person gets attracted towards the stress.
  •    The third stage is irritating, where one gets irritated by itching but not having any kind of pain. When the nervous system senses the toxins then the irritation stage happens.
  •    This fourth stage of cancer is diagnosed as a disease by the doctors. Here person feel hungry all the time even having food just before. A person just wants to sleep and rest. The area affected by cancer gets inflamed by the toxins.
  •    Ulceration is the fifth stage where the affected area gets ulcerated and the ulceration is the way to drain the toxins. Cells and tissues damage and the ulcers get cure if the cause’s stops. But with the increasing toxins, a person can’t live properly.
  •    The sixth stage is the tumor stage, where tumor formation starts. Here the tissues get harden and the toxic material gets sealed inside. This shows that how the body works to protect us even at this stage. But the severity is when these toxins sealed inside the tumor get exposed in other parts of the body.
  •    The last and final stage is what we call it as cancer. Where cells get parasitic at this stage. This is the fatal stage where one can’t reverse the conditions or cause of the diseases. But according to the studies it is revealed that cancer can be cured in the early stages so, never ignore the symptoms and get treatment as soon as possible. The cannabis plant is the natural helping hand in this dire condition, so embrace this incredible medicine for such kind of fatal disease.