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Artemisinin is one of the most popular anti-malarial drugs. This is available in a pack of 100 capsules with milligram strength of 100mg per capsule. This supplement has been derived from a Chinese herb renowned as the Sweet wormwood. This supplement has been isolated in the year 1972, while finding cure for malarial infections. This supplement has been use for several other antiviral causes. The Artemisinin is one of the most effective treatments for the world’s most common infectious disease.

The malaria is caused, when a female mosquito bites an individual. This results into plasmodium, malaria parasite entering into the blood of an individual. This is a cyclic release of parasites resulting into the symptoms like shivering, fever, anemia, etc. This parasite causes accumulation in the capillaries of the vital organs of the body, including the kidney, brain, lungs, intestine, etc.

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The successful treatment of malarial infections is done with the help of efficacious anti-malarial drugs. There is a special policy, i.e. the national malaria treatment policy, which specifies the drugs for the treatment of both severe and uncomplicated malaria. Also, it specifies what is to be done, if the treatment fails or malaria in pregnancy. IN order to provide adequate rate of cure, it is recommended to make use of the anti-malarial drugs in combination with a drug belonging to different class.

The benefits of the Artemisinin based combination therapy is its high rate of efficacy, fast action, reduced likelihood of resistance and developing, etc. it is suggested to address the issues of delivery, cost and access, so as to make their best use. Below mentioned are a few points that are supposed to be kept in mind:

  • The Artemisinin therapy is effective and is helpful in delaying the development of resistance
  • This combination therapy is considered the best for the management of malaria.
  • It is crucial to ensure wide access to the powerful drugs. This is done with effective delivery systems as well as affordable prices.
  • The combination therapy is done by combining two different compounds belonging from different classes of anti-malarial drugs.

It has been seen that the Artemisinin as well as its derivatives have been used all over the world. The mechanism of these compounds is helpful in producing carbon-centered free radicals. The resulting radicals that have been produced include the alkylate heme and proteins. The heme explains why these drugs are toxic for the parasites of malaria. This supplement can be neurototoxic, if taken in high dosage. This toxicity has been seen in the scientific studies.

The mechanism of the toxicity of this drug is similar to the mechanism of action. It has been seen that the Artemisinin is a Chinese herbal treatment for the fevers of malaria that has potent activity against many forms of the organisms of malaria. A number of the derivatives of these anti-malarial drugs have been manufactured for clinical use. These derivatives are meant for the treatment and prevention of malaria. Some of the instances of these supplements are associated with the injuries to the liver.