Dark Circles And Their Causes

Dark circles are mainly due to poor blood circulation and lymphatic disruption. Lymphs ensure the drainage of blood, its good circulation and nourish the tissues (the skin). When the lymphatic system is out of order, it no longer correctly removes pigments grouped under the skin. It is then that a coloration of this one, going from blue to brown while passing by the violet, appears under the eyes to form the rings. This disturbance is visible because the skin present under the eyes is particularly fine and sensitive. Indeed, the layer of skin under the eyes is four times less thick than the epidermis on the rest of the body.

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Causes Of Dark Circles

The rings are often attributed to a state of intense fatigue: certainly, but not only. The appearance of dark circles is the consequence of multiple factors. Surprising, perhaps, but the appearance of dark circles (ขอบตาดำ which is the term in Thai) is sometimes hereditary. Dark circles can also come from a state of stress and anxiety; these psychological states cause mental fatigue that refers to physical signs, such as dark circles. Nasty dark circles can also be caused by lifestyle, aging of the skin, or nervous tension.

Hollow Circles

In short, the hollow ring creates a void below the eyes. The hollow ring is most often caused by the melting of the eyelid fat or aging. With age, the skin is refined, and the face is hollow: dark circles and cheeks are the first places to lose volume.

Dark Circles Full

The accumulation of fat under the eye relaxes the skin permanently, and so pockets appear under the eyes. But beware; it has absolutely nothing to do with the bags under the eyes when you get up in the morning. In this case, it is simply an accumulation of lymph during the night.