how to gain weight for females naturally

If you are wondering African mangoes make you obese and answer how to gain weight for females naturally or males, you’re wrong. Instead, African mangoes are found to be weight loss supportive.

It is very difficult to grab a bottle of 100% pure African mango extract nowadays. This is because most of the products on the shelves today are jammed with fillers and other unnecessary ingredients. These ingredients affect the overall performance in what we are expecting from the African mango product.

What can the African mango supplement do for your health? Multiple studies were conducted to answer that question before it was even introduced in the weight loss world. Let us look into the results of these studies, shall we?

102 individuals volunteered to take part of this clinical study. All of these people were healthy but overweight or obese. They were advised to take 150 mg of African mango seed extract twice a day an hour before meals. They were also told not to change their diet or form of exercise. At the end of a 10 week period the group that was taking the seed extracts showed significant loss of weight up to 28 lbs. Even more surprisingly a reduction in the waist line by as much as 6 inches.

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Another study performed at a University on both men and women, showed an average loss of weight of 12.3 lbs in a span of 28 days.

A published study showed heightened weight loss at a shocking 833%.

Not only do these studies on the 100% pure African mango extract show a significant loss in weight but, also reduced LDL cholesterol levels by as much as 45.6% in a span of 28 days. The results also include the notable decrease in total cholesterol, triglycerides, increase in HDL or good cholesterol, and reduction of blood glucose levels by which the latter makes it very suitable for people with diabetes.

The African mango seed extract make you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and burn extra fat stored in your body through the process of thermogenesis. The extract reduces the secretion of leptin from fat cells and increases the secretion of adiponectin. Put in layman’s terms the more leptin present in the body the harder it is for a person to lose weight. The adiponectin is essential in the metabolism of fatty acid that would result to lower percentage of body fat.

The results are indeed astounding and millions of people all over the world are rushing to give it a try. Even though there was not a change in the diet and form of exercise during the exercise it would be better to do so to achieve optimum results and a healthier lifestyle.

As a consumer we must also be wary of imitations. These people will give you very attractive offers that can be hard to resist. But, when you think that you got a good deal you might be disappointed in the end when you get no visible results at all, no matter how much or how long you keep taking it.

As much as possible purchase 100% pure African mango extract with little or no other ingredients at all for most favorable results.