How To Stop Craving For Sugar

If you think that you have a sweet tooth, it’s probably an addiction to sugar. Most of us are sabotaging ourselves by believing that our bodies need sugar to stay happy. Here we will discuss the main reasons why you have sugar cravings and how you can stop them.

You don’t get enough sleep

Everyone talks about the importance of sleep and they are right. Many studies have shown that lack of sleep make your body crave for sugar and fat foods it happens because our sleep is connected to mechanisms that regulate appetite and metabolism in our bodies. During sleep our bodies produce hormones that help control appetite. We need these hormones to produce energy and process glucose that regulates blood sugar.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces stress hormones and insulin that promotes fat storage and process glucose. Your body thinks you’re unsafe and slows down your metabolism. Have you ever noticed that you are hungrier on days where you can’t get enough sleep? Lack of sleep is connected with low levels of hormones that inform our brain we don’t get enough food. More of these hormones stimulate appetite. We’re usually craving sugars because your body wants quick energy. It doesn’t care about quality of food at this moment. If you make sure you’re getting enough sleep every day, it will significantly reduce sugar cravings and improve your mood.

Skip breakfast or don’t eat enough in the morning

This is one of the biggest problems of many people. We’re always busy in the morning and often don’t have time for breakfast. This makes sugar cravings become stronger in the evening. Make sure you find time for breakfast and lunch. It should include carbohydrates that your body will crave for later and healthy fat such as avocado, nuts, and seeds (they will keep you full longer).

A good example of a breakfast and lunch meals that people with sugar cravings have includes cereal with milk and salad. Sugar cravings come in the afternoon and don’t leave until late night. Cereal and milk gives your body healthy carbs but no fat or protein. it means that your blood sugar levels go up and then crush. If you added protein and fats, they would slow down the digestion and lower your blood sugar slowly. If you eat only oats in the morning, you will feel hungry in an hour.

You can make your breakfast more satisfying by adding nuts in your cereal. These extra calories will go a long way with keeping your body full.

A good lunch would be wheat berries, brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa for a salad, or you can eat several crackers or a piece of bread to add carbs. Make sure you eat protein that can come in form of tofu, beans, meat or fish. Add avocado and use a salad dressing on top.

Waiting too long to eat

If you wait for too long until you eat, it can be much harder to enjoy a delicious meal mindfully and make smart and health choices. Hunger is stress for your body, and the main reaction is to crab the biggest source of energy, which is something very sweet. It doesn’t matter how strong your willpower is, because you’re fighting against biology. It’s much better to have a meal before you feel extremely hungry.

If you have sugar cravings, you need to listen to your body and pay attention to your hunger signals. Eat when you are moderately hungry. You can slow down, understand what you really want and slowly eat it. No more hungry panic attacks or sweet tooth involves.