Learn more about V2 Cigs

V2 cigs is a well-established company which makes it among the most well-known players in the industry. They first started in the US. They are well-known as America’s best e-cig brand since 2011 which makes new companies in the business fear for their success.

There are so many electronic cigarette brands available right now, so the competition is getting more and more fierce. Something that is great about V2 Cigs is that they are only electronic cigarette company that tests and publishes the results of each batch online. So you can always check the compound of e-liquid you are getting.

Standard starter kit

A great thing for the start is that for the US buyers the package that is ordered online can arrive sooner than expected, just in two days.

The starter pack comes in a really nice-looking box, well-designed with a magnetic clasp which keeps it tightly closed. They really have everything you need if you are a vaping beginner.

Inside you will find 2 V2 batteries, 10 flavor cartridges, 1 wall adapter that you can also use for many USB charge technology that you own. Also, you get one smart charger that ensures that you won’t overcharge which also has a USB port, and a V2 manual.

Nicotine in V2 Cigs

With electronic cigarettes, you are free to choose how much nicotine you like to inhale or use. With V2 Cigs there are five strengths of nicotine to choose from. It starts at 0% so you can only enjoy the delicious flavors, the next is 0.6%, the middle is at 1.2%, there is a 1.5%, and the highest is the 2.4% nicotine rate.

Which nicotine levels to use will be based on the nicotine you usually get from your brand however, there is the V2 Cigs customer support where you can contact and ask for assistance in selecting the best nicotine level for you.

Flavor and saver

For the starter kit, you get to choose two flavor packages of ten cartridges total. There is a wide variety of flavors you can choose from like V2 red which is a regular American tobacco taste with just a hint of sweetness, or something more basic like menthol. The V2 standard kit is moderately expensive but a very good value in comparison to the quality you get. The cartridges are only $2 and can cost less if you order more.

Quality and design

The overall feel of the e-cig is very good. It doesn’t look or feel cheap at all. The futuristic lightning will give you a pleasant feeling. The V2 starter kit even comes with a lifetime warranty although it is limited to a maximum of five replacements on any given. That should be enough for regular use and much better than most other brands, especially given their high manufacturing quality.


When it comes to vapor production, V2 Cigs can be compared to a tobacco cigarette. You can vape thick clouds of vapor, especially if you are using a manual battery or pram the automatic one with a couple of introductory vapes. When you take it, you will be satisfied, if the nicotine level you took is according to brands you used before.

The vapor production will of course be better with manual battery like at other models, but the downside is that you need it back on the charger sooner. If you are thinking about getting e-cig for the first time, and you were a tobacco smoker, you won’t miss anything. You just need some time to adapt.

Battery life

There are four brands of battery you can use, short, regular, long, and they also offer the whole new X range, which is even longer-lasting however it is more expensive. All batteries also come in different colors and either a manual or auto.

Customer service

The V2 support team is very responsive, helpful and polite which is so important. There are common mistakes that a new smoker makes, so they have an FAQ page set up. If you have a problem that is a standard question and can be fixed easily you can check FAQ, and if not, contact them and they should be able to help. Usually customers like to ask about their order, when it is going to arrive, but sometimes the problem is outside the company.