Self Esteem in Young Adults and What Contributes to It

As young adults grow and experience life, they experience two notable drops in self-esteem. One of these drops occurs between the ages of 9-13 or early puberty and then again just before adulthood.  This is hard to watch for parents and others who mentor or teach young adults.

Reasons for low self-esteem

There are many reasons for low self-esteem that are rooted deeply, with the beginning usually starting in some traumatic childhood experience. It could be a prolonged separation from a parent, or parental figures, neglect whether physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. In later life, self-esteem is often undermined by negative life events such as losing a job or getting divorced, frustrating relationships, ill health or an overall general sense of lack of control.

Victims of abuse

This sense of a lack of control often may be especially marked in those who have been victims of sexual abuse, emotional or physical abuse or those victims of discrimination on the ground of culture, religion, sex, race or sexual orientation.

Low self-esteem and mental distress

There is a relationship between low self-esteem and mental distress and mental disorder and is quite complex. Low self-esteem prompts mental disorder and that can be a blow to self-esteem. In certain instances, self-esteem that is low is itself a prime feature of mental disorder, example could be in borderline personality disorders or depression.

Hostile world

Individuals with low self-esteem are apt to see their world as a place that is hostile and themselves as victims. As a result, there is a reluctance to assert or express themselves, miss out on experiences and opportunities and feel powerless to change things. All this further lowers self-esteem and sucks them into a spiral that is like a downward corkscrew.

Simple ways to boost

If you think that this disguises you, you could be suffering from poor self-esteem, and there are numerous simple things that you can do to boost yourself and perhaps break out of the downward spiral. You should try to first learn more  about self-esteem and some of the small ways that you can help yourself.