What can be the best medication for vertigo?


Kids always enjoy the feeling of spinning in circles, feeling dizzy, and falling as a way of playing. For adults, the sensation of the room spinning can be a sign of vertigo. Some might experience signs of vertigo that will go away after some time but for others, vertigo lives with them. When you have vertigo, you will have the feeling of holding on to something for the sake of not falling. You will also feel like you lack balance, your vision bight not be clear and dizziness is a major symptom. This is a condition that is termed as ‘miserable.’ This is because vertigo is capable of causing vomiting and nausea in chronic conditions. The major cause of vertigo is an inner ear infection, a migraine, stroke, and other conditions. There are many treatment options for those people suffering from vertigo.

What treatment options are there for vertigo patients?

Different patients can be subjected to different kinds of vertigo treatment near me. This is because vertigo has different causes, signs and they are also in different types. So, what medication can be the best?

  • Medication that can prevent migraines is recommended for patients who are suffering from migraine-related vertigo condition.
  • Those people who are suffering from acute vertigo are always treated with non-specific treatment methods. A good example of such medication includes dimenhydrinate and meclizine. These medications are always weaned over time because they can prevent healing when they are used over the long-term.
  • Vertigo that occurs in five minutes after standing is commonly caused by blood pressure dropping. Medications that can be used in treating this kind of vertigo include meclizine and Dramamine. Those suffering from such a condition can also wear abdominal binders, increase salt intake, increase fluid intake, and wear high compressed stockings.
  • Intermittent vertigo that is caused by the movement of the head or the neck can be controlled and treated through the help of the right kind of physical therapy.

When should you see a neurologist?

Vertigo is a condition that can be diagnosed by a dizziness doctor. How frequent your episodes occur will determine if you should consider seeing a neurologist or not. If it is a single event, there should be no cause for alarm. You can simply prevent vertigo happening in the future by making sure that you are eating well, you are feeding your body enough vitamins B12, you avoid stress, manage stress, and exercising. If your condition has been reoccurring, that is when you should think about visiting a neurologist. If you have been feeling dizziness two or three times a month, make an effort to see a doctor. If your dizziness has been lasting for hours, that is also a sign that you should see a doctor with immediate effect. One thing that you should never do is assume that you have vertigo on your own. Always visit a neurologist who can make sure that you are suffering from vertigo la or not.