What is IUI? How is it different from IVF?

There are various treatments available for infertility in today’s generation. In modern times, medical services are shifting towards new technologies to resolve different queries and bring the cure for every problem.

When infertility is concerned, medical science offers the two best treatments: IUI and IVF. Many people are aware of the latter treatment, but many don’t have any idea about the IUI treatment.

Many people even confuse themselves with these two treatments as similar treatments. We will look at these few apparent differences in this article.

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Let us see the meaning of each of these terms in a straightforward way to understand the whole procedure.

What is IUI?


IUI stands for Intrauterine insemination, also commonly referred to as artificial insemination.

IUI is a simple technique executed in an office where the specialist inserts sperm into the uterine cavity. The sperm is collected and already processed in the laboratory before placing it into the hole.

Before the sperms are injected, they are properly washed and cleaned to remove the seminal fluid and concentrate the sperm.

The woman can have natural ovulation or even seek the help of medicines to generate the stimulation. She can take help and assistance from infertility centers if she struggles with natural ovulation.

There are many tools that guide the timing for the ovulation after calculating her menses days which can be used to know the period of her ovulation so that they can start the treatment according to her.

After this, the doctors place the sperm in the uterine cavity to make the passage shorter for the sperm to travel inside. It meets the egg and starts the fertilization process.

What is IVF?


The term vitro fertilization is a medical fertility treatment provided by a specialist to the patients wanting to conceive. In the process, there are many steps which are involved that need to be done accurately and adequately for the pregnancy to happen.

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology commonly known as ART, where the female’s egg and men’s sperm are joined outside the female body in the laboratory.

The fertilization takes place outside the body for around a week, and then once fertilized, it is transferred back to the woman’s body.

The woman is prescribed medications to stimulate her ovaries, and the egg is retrieved from the female’s body. These all processes and steps are thoroughly monitored and checked.

What are the Main Distinctions between IUI and IVF?


Both the medical processes are somewhat similar and involve many medications which are alike.

The main fundamental difference between both the treatments is that, when we consider IUI, the fertilization takes place inside the body of the female.

Here, we can see that the sperm is directly injected into the uterus of the female, and then fertilization happens naturally where the embryo gets implanted in the walls of the uterus.

Whereas, when we look at the IVF treatment, the fertilization happens outside the body in the laboratory. The sperm and egg collected are combined in a laboratory dish and left to be fertilized for a week. Then it is transferred back to the uterus, where it implants and starts developing.

According to many analyses and research from the earlier cases, IVF has more success rates than the IUI treatment. The cost of the two treatments also differs considerably. The IUI is less expensive than IVF.

Most of the time, couples try to be a parent, at least go for three IUI treatments, then move forward to IVF.

What do IUI and IVF Have in Common?


Besides these basic differences between them, there are a few mutual things between the techniques that should not be missed.

Let us share a few standard things both IUI and IVF share with each other.

The common things basically consist of the preparation steps in both cases. The basics of human conception remain the same in both the treatments, such as,

  • The medication provided in both artificial semination and in vitro insemination remains the same.
  • The women are given a brief dosage for the ovulation stimulation to happen. Both the treatments look for quality sperms to work with; this ensures the fertilization has more chances of being successful.
  • The washing method for sperms is quite similar to IUI and IVF. They even ask to choose if the couple needs a sperm donor.
  • In both the cases, the treatments will only be successful when the egg attaches itself to the walls of the uterus and then starts developing.

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