When To Know Your Abdominal Pain Needs Immediate Medical Care

For most people experiencing some type of abdominal pain or discomfort is just a part of daily life. This is very common seeing as most of the time the pain isn’t debilitating and is quickly resolved by taking an OTC pain medication. However, not all types of pain radiating from the abdomen can be fixed by a trip to the bathroom or by taking pain medication.

There are many instances where the pain should be a cause for alarm. Sadly, most people do not know the sign of abdominal pain that requires immediate medical attention. To avoid panic and confusion, here are the important signs that indicate that the stomach pain is more than just unreleased gas:

Sign #1: Intensity Of Pain

Severe pain is always a cause for concern. When the pain becomes too much that you can no longer stand and walk, it is time to head over to the nearest emergency room for a checkup and thorough examination. However, in cases where the pain is mild but still causes immense discomfort, a trip to the nearest urgent care facility may be necessary.

Do not ignore pain that is severe as this can indicate a very serious medical problem that needs immediate treatment.

Sign #2: Chronic Pain

No matter how severe or mild the pain may be, but it keeps coming back, or worse lasts longer than 2 days, it is a clear sign that there is something wrong. Chronic abdominal and stomach pains may be the result of something more serious happening in your stomach or intestines that need medical attention.

The moment pain continues to persist, even after taking medication, call your doctor or head over to the ER or urgent care facility for a consultation and diagnosis.

Sign #3: Constant Vomiting And Diarrhea

A stomach bug can cause a patient to vomit and have diarrhea until the bacteria or virus has passed. However, when the vomiting and loose bowel movements result in severe dehydration it is time to seek medical treatment. Some infections such the E.coli virus is very serious and cannot be treated using OTC medication or home remedies.

The patient must be sent to the hospital for proper diagnosis, treatment, and care to prevent any serious medical problems in the near future.

Sign #4: Breathing Problems

Normal stomach pain is an isolated problem that should not affect a person’s ability to breathe. When the patient is struggling to breathe due to the pain from their abdomen, do not waste any more time and head over to the ER. Never wait until the patient has stopped breathing or loses consciousness before seeking medical intervention.

Sign #5: Recent Injuries On The Abdomen

A person who has sustained injuries in the abdominal area and is complaining about pain may have fractured ribs or may even be internally bleeding. When their pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting blood and a high fever, it is best to go to the ER right away.

Always take pain in the abdomen seriously. Ignoring these common signs can lead to a bigger and more serious medical issue that can no longer be reversed.

Experts recommend that one should know when to see a doctor when suffering from abdominal pain. Visit our website for more info.