11 Useful Tips ToPrepare Yourself For A New Puppy

Having a puppy is almost like having a child. It’s a great responsibility as you have to keep your furry friend safe, take care of his health, nutrition and hygiene, and keep him away from mental issues like anxiety and irritation. Here are tips with which you can go through the process smoothly.

1. Divide Jobs

A dog brings a lot of chores, like feeding him, bathing him, taking him for a walk, taking him to avet clinic near Upper North Shore, buying food and treats for him, buying other supplies, and more.

Before you bring your puppy home divide these jobs among the family members so that anything won’t be missed and you won’t be overloaded with work.

2. Prepare Your Home for the Puppy

Puppies are in a habit of chewing everything. Save your wires and small objects that can be destroyed by chewing by putting them out of the way.

3. Make a Shopping List

A new puppy will require many things like feeding and water bowls, toys, dog bed, dog food, dog collar, dog treats and more. Make a list with the help of the breeder from whom you will buy the puppy and buy all the essential things so that there won’t be any panicky situation.

4. Teach Children How to Treat the Puppy

If you have children in your family, they would be much excited to have a puppy. However, teach them how to properly treat the puppy.

They should not hurt him in any way and shouldn’t do anything that will make him hurt them. Teach them that he is a living animal just like humans and deserve love and respect. He should not be treated like a toy and should be given rest whenever he needs it.

5. Be Prepared for Toileting Messes

As the puppy is young, he is going to make toileting mess in his initial days in your home. Give him time to acclimatise and be slow in toilet training. Have patience. Praise when he’ll go outside for toilet.

6. Never Reprimand

Reprimanding bad behaviour will be of no use. On the contrary, your puppy will become more anxious and confused. Remember a dog doesn’t intend to irritate his master but wants to please him. So, keeping calm upon bad behaviour and rewarding upon good behaviour is the best strategy.

7. Introduce Carefully to the Old Dog

If you already have a dog, introduce both of them slowly to each other. Take care of paying equal attention to both so that the older one won’t feel jealous of the newer one.

8. Get a Microchip

Have your new puppy fitted with a microchip if you haven’t already.

9. Find a Good Vet

Find your nearest vet or vet hospital to make medical care easily available to your puppy on time. Get information for safe puppy vaccinations from Gordon Vet so that you can take him for shots regularly.

10. Discuss with Your Vet to Know About Your Puppy’s Health

You will have to take good care of your puppy’s health. Since he is young, he’ll have new teeth. So, you should know how to keep them healthy. You will also have to look for parasites like tick and fleas regularly in his fur and clean them if there are any. Talk to your vet about how to take care of his health in the best possible way.

11. Play with Him

You can’t and you shouldn’t ignore your puppy. No matter, how busy you are, you should take some time to play and spend with him, because dogs are happy only with their masters. You should respect his feeling towards you and devote some time to him.