Bangalore: A Destination for Hair Transplant

Bangalore, being one of the fastest growing metropolitan city in India with a population of over ten million people and the lifestyle of people is changing. They want to look smart and stylish because it is today’s requirement but having a bald head or seeing the hair falls everyday from their head let them feel depressed and unconfident. So, this city provides you many excellent doctors who can let you get rid of this problem and after all of your depression.

People not only from India but also from other parts of the world like USA, UK, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka come for hair transplant Bangalore because of some reasons that you should know.

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  • As we all know Bangalore is the hub of technology, so we encounter the best technology available in India but at a reasonable price. People from other countries prefer to come to Bangalore because of getting the quality treatment with a cost that is far less than the cost in their country.
  • Not only doctors are highly qualified & experienced but also their teams have special knowledge regarding their field which makes the patient feel that they have chosen the right place for getting the treatment done.
  • Though the cost is somewhat on the higher side when compared to the other cities of India the quality you get in Bangalore offsets the cost.
  • As in Bangalore, you get the quality treatment which ultimately leads to increase in the success rate of the procedure.

Now, let’s talk about the hair transplant cost Bangalore.

There are many people who ask for the cheapest hair transplant but let me tell you cheap is more expensive when related to your health and you will not get the best of the treatment. So, it’s advisable to find the clinic which you afford that provides the quality services.

So, the cost forgetting the hair transplant done depends on the various factors like from which doctor you want to get the treatment done, what technology they are using, which technique of hair transplant you want to opt for, the number of grafts required.

You might be wondering what kind of techniques there for hair transplant are, how much is the cost of every technique and why their costs are different.

Let me tell you one by one:

  • FUT(Follicular Hair Transplant): In this, a strip of hair follicles are taken from the donor area, then dividing that strap into grafts which contains 3-4 hairs and these are planted to the bald area after then the donor area is stitched.It is the oldest technique and it costs you 25/graft to Rs.40/graft. So the total cost would be as low as Rs.25000 and would be as high as Rs.190000 for 1000 & 4000 grafts respectively.
  • FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction): It is a stitch-less technique in whichgrafts are extracted but not the strip from the donor area and are planted to the bald area. It is an advanced technique of hair transplant and it costs you 30/graft to Rs.45/graft. So, the total value of the cost would be as low as Rs.35000 and would be as high as Rs.210000 for 1000 & 4000 grafts respectively.
  • Robotic Hair Transplant: IT is the latest technique of doing a hair transplant. It is the automated way of doing the FUE where a robotic limb will extract the grafts from the donor area and plant it to recipient area. It costs you 100/graft to Rs.120/graft. So, the total cost would be as low as Rs.100000 to Rs.450000 for 1000 & 4000 grafts respectively.

Now, let me tell you some of the temporary problems you might face after getting the hair transplant done which can be overcome too.

  • Itching: It is a common problem which most people face after the treatment but can be reduced by washing and moisturizing your hairs by applying hair oils.
  • Swelling: There may be cases where the person’s forehead or eye get swollen, but this is just a temporary thing that would go away within the short period of time.
  • Numb: For weeks, you will not be able to feel the donor area.
  • Bleeding: It usually happens in FUT technique because the donor area is stitched and many a times bleeding occurs but if it doesn’t stop then you should consult your doctor.
  • Scar: After FUT, a thin linear scar is left at the donor’s region but there will be no scar if you have undergone FUE.
  • Pain: Minimal pain you will feel after you have undergone the treatment mainly FUT, painkiller can be taken at that time as prescribed by the doctor.

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