Stainless,/dawkin11088.html,Strainers,Udon/Ramen,TEBO,$25,for,Professional,,use,Noodles,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Udon Ramen Choice TEBO Noodles Stainless Strainers for Professional use $25 Udon/Ramen TEBO Noodles Stainless Strainers for Professional use Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Udon Ramen Choice TEBO Noodles Stainless Strainers for Professional use $25 Udon/Ramen TEBO Noodles Stainless Strainers for Professional use Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Stainless,/dawkin11088.html,Strainers,Udon/Ramen,TEBO,$25,for,Professional,,use,Noodles,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining

Udon Ramen Choice TEBO Noodles Stainless Popular products Strainers for Professional use

Udon/Ramen TEBO Noodles Stainless Strainers for Professional use


Udon/Ramen TEBO Noodles Stainless Strainers for Professional use

Product description

Many Ramen shop in Japan use it ! Size: Diameter 140 x Depth 150 x Handle 200 mm Mesh: 10 mesh Made in Japan

Udon/Ramen TEBO Noodles Stainless Strainers for Professional use

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