Preparation for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Preparation for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Preparation for Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Preparation for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy, better known as gastric sleeve surgery, is a bariatric procedure that eliminates the majority of the stomach, forming it into a short tube. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular bariatric surgeries, with patient interest easily surpassing some of the former giants of the industry. But, like any surgical procedure, to get it, you need to do your part to prepare.

What do you need to do before getting the gastric sleeve in Mexico? Here is a to-do list for gearing up for your gastric sleeve.

How to Prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

1. Start Changing Your Diet Now

As soon as you schedule your surgery, you should start altering your diet. Even making small changes will help get you into the right place for the major changes that lie ahead. Remember: you will need to be on a pre-op liquid diet, usually starting around two weeks before your procedure, and steadily reducing your food consumption now will make those weeks less stressful on your body.

2. Gather Your Cheerleaders

You might expect everyone to be supportive of the changes you are looking to make, but the truth is that weight loss is complex. It is important to get a support team in place before your surgery rather than waiting until after to see who is still there. You will need people to help you physically, but also mentally.

3. Get Your Groceries Before the Procedure

The post-op bariatric diet is radically different from the way you have been eating. You don’t want to find yourself in the healing stage feeling stressed about finding the right foods to eat. Instead, do your meal planning and grocery shopping before the procedure. If you are worried about things going bad before you are cleared to eat them, you can create shopping lists on most grocery store websites that offer online ordering. Then, you just add them to the cart when ready and click “buy.”

4. Drop Bad Habits

You want to be as healthy as possible going into your surgery, so drop the bad habits. Part of preparing for gastric sleeve or any other surgery is eliminating smoking and not drinking for at least several days before the procedure. Be open with your doctor about your habits so they can help you get ready for surgery.

5. Finish Your Chores

Preparing for gastric sleeve surgery means being ready to relax and heal after. However, if you have laundry to do, floors to mop, and other chores waiting at home, you’ll be too tempted to get up and get things done. Take care of all chores before surgery and assign people to help with them after.

While there might be other things you need to do before gastric sleeve in Mexico, your doctor should provide you with the proper instructions. As always, trust in the advice of your doctor, as they know you best.