What To Expect At A Podiatry Appointment

Your feet lie at a certain distance from your eyes. It seems to be the reason why we overlook the causes of foot problems until the aching becomes noticeable. And if the pain gets worse, hot and cold compress won’t be enough. You need to see a podiatrist right away. If it’s your first visit, here’s just what to expect in an appointment with a podiatric physician.

  1. Trace your medical history.

Like any other medical appointments, your first visit at Orthotic Solutions Podiatry will definitely start with a thorough check on your medical history. It’s like a one to one interview on your past medications and surgeries, health habits, family history and of course, the symptoms that you’re experiencing at present. These help identify the cause of the problem and the possible cure.

  1. Examine your foot.

After stating the reason why you made your way to the clinic, the podiatrist will start checking what causes the problem. They will examine your lower leg and foot, checking the blood flow and responsiveness. With this, they can pinpoint areas which are possible causes of the problem such as inflammation, bulging ankles, and skin changes.

  1. Provide treatment and endorsement.

After taking into accounts all the information, the podiatrist will then provide treatment and endorsement if needed. Treatments may include the kind of footwear to use, physical therapy, use of padding, and wound care.

If there are other concerns like issues on blood circulation, you will be given referrals to other physicians who specialize in the field. You’ll need the help of these specialists after the treatment from your podiatrist to be sure that no other health concerns are compromised.

  1. Give recommendations.

Your appointment will not be completed without hearing recommendations from the podiatrist on how to avoid these problems from happening again. In most cases, they recommend lifestyle alteration, especially for older people.

The typical lifestyle changes suggested by podiatrists are quitting smoke, reducing extra weight, walking exercises and if you’re diabetic, you should manage your condition through proper diet to prevent foot and leg problems. These activities help maintain proper blood circulation in your lower leg, reduce strains and lessen chances of complications not just to your feet but your entire body as well.

In some cases, they even provide suggestions on the right footwear that you should use and advice you on how you should give extra care to your feet and ankles.

No matter what your reasons are for visiting a podiatrist, you will always get into a conversation with these things discussed. From simple foot aches to more complicated lower leg problems, they have all the necessary services offered to better your lifestyle and keep you going.

Don’t compromise the fun ahead of you. Visit your local Kingsford Podiatry from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry and try the best treatment provided. Don’t let your foot, ankle and leg-related problems hinder you from going where you want to go. They are willing to help!