How to Keep Indoor Air Quality in Check?

Here are a few ways if you are wondering how to keep indoorair quality in check:

  1. Use a HEPA Filtration Air Purifier:

The best way to keep your indoor air quality in check is to have an air purifier with HEPA filter technology. These air purifiers not only keep your air quality in check but also purify the air when the quality deteriorates. These air purifiers have inbuilt systems that help in making your home a fresh place without any kind of contaminants.

HEPA technology removes about 99% of all indoor air pollutants as it has a 3 stage filtration technique that ensures all pollutants of size more than 0.3 microns are removed. With the help of activated carbon filters, these purifiers also remove particulate matter from the air. An inbuilt ionizer also helps in removing pollutants by releasing negative ions that entrap these pollutants to the ionizing unit.

Finally, they have an inbuilt sensor that helps in checking the quality of the air. These purifiers also use LED lights to display the quality of air. The quality is depicted using three colours. Blue is for excellent, red is for poor and pink is for good. This way, the user is also aware of the quality of air.

  1. TrackFoul Odour:

Generally, if the air quality is poor, the place has a foul odour. It’s not easy to track the odour to its source. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive way, you can try this, provided you have the time to do so.This quality check fails when there are agents masking the foul odour. These agents can be anything from burning incense or using fragrance.

While detecting the quality of air using this method, you should know that the stronger the odour the poorer the air quality. If the foul odour isn’t that strong, you can just remove the source and quality will gradually improve. But in case the odour is strong, you would have to use purification techniques like an external air purifier to improve the air quality.

  1. Use Portable Air Quality Monitors:

Portable handheld air quality monitors are also available in the market. These portable monitors would show you the exact quality of air. If the percentage is less than 25%, air is not breathable.If the percentage is between 25 to 50%, the air is breathable but the quality is really poor.If the percentage is from 50 to 75%, the air is breathable and the quality is moderate and finally above 75% is good quality air.

Depending on the quality of air, you can determine what sort of purification techniques you would need to get rid of indoor contaminants.

These are the most common ways of determining the air quality of indoor air. You can use these methods to find out the air quality and remove any contaminant depending upon the quality of air.