Myths And Facts About Liposuction

While liposuction procedure did exist even 10 years ago, our technology and methods were not as advanced as they are today, and because of that people still, have misconceptions when it comes to this surgical procedure. Well, if you want to know more about different places where you can get lipo, check out liposuction breast reduction by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, make sure to contact them.

Non-surgical liposuction

Many people are not even aware that there is such a thing as a non-surgical liposuction. The usual liposuction involves an incision that is usually small, as it is required for the fat to be removed. The nonsurgical liposuction does not need that, and you will usually get some form of heat or ultrasound applied externally, as the fat gets slowly out of your body.

Everyone should learn how to be comfortable in their body and sometimes a procedure might help

An instant six-pack

This might be one of the most common misconceptions, where people think that they will get an instant six-pack just by having the liposuction procedure performed, and that is far from the truth. The liposuction will help you lose weight, and you will have instant results, but this is not a magical surgery that will make all your bad habits go away as well.

If you do get the liposuction treatment, then you should keep track of your diet, and what you overall eat and how much do you move. This is very important if you want to stay in shape even after the procedure is done.

It’s magic!

As it was previously mentioned, the liposuction procedure or surgery is not something magical, and you need to know this before going through with the procedure. As every other procedure, liposuction carries a bunch of risks and positional unwanted results, so make sure that you are well-aware of them.

Talk to your doctor

It is important that you talk with your doctor because there are other procedures that you might be interested in as well. For example, besides the liposuction treatment, you can also get the snoring treatment Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, so check that out!

Talk to your doctor about different methods of liposuction

The reason why it is important that you talk to your doctor is that there are a bunch of things that you need to know before and after the surgery is done, and it is always better to know them beforehand. For example, you might be required to stop smoking, taking certain drugs and stray away from alcohol.

Ask your doctor about all the possible risks, and what you can expect to see, as you need to have realistic expectations. Your doctor will tell you everything you need to know and make sure to mention any drugs that you are taking, even the ones you get over-the-counter.

Drips and drains

Your doctor will insert special fluids during the liposuction, and those fluids serve 2 purposes. The first purpose is to keep the area under anesthesia for a longer period and the other is to carry all the dislodged fat away. After the procedure, you might experience some bruising, and you will have to wear compression garments for about two weeks, depending on your body.

Final word

Before you have your own opinions about this procedure, make sure that you do your research first, because the liposuction procedure has come far from where it once was. With the better technology, you have much better results, and that is something everyone can appreciate, as now you can finally get your money’s worth. But, liposuction is not a permanent weight-loss option.