What is the Limit of Taking the Boost Supplements?

Dietary supplements have a tremendously positive effect on the organism. But you should take them correctly. Usually every product on the packaging carries a dosage recommendation. But you do not know for a long time whether you should take the medicine in the morning, at noon or in the evening. Whether it should be taken before eating, eating, after eating or better completely sober. And if you want to take two, three or more supplements, the question is: Can I take them all together or better, separate from each other.

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Take nutritional supplements

Experts receive the requests from the health enthusiasts who would like to take two, three or more different boost supplement options, but are unsure how to best combine them. With this article, you will now receive the information you need so that you can now create your own intake protocol independently. However, before you think about how to properly take a dietary supplement, it’s about finding a suitable dietary supplement at all. Orient yourself always and exclusively to your personal needs.

So, if someone tells you that he’s been doing so well since he took this or that drug, it does not mean that you, too, would have that experience. It therefore rarely includes the recommendations of others. Instead, choose – together with your doctor or alternative practitioner – the appropriate remedy for your needs, your health and your goals.

Collaborations with Therapists

In collaboration with a therapist, we also advise you to be sceptical if it recommends you – if possible without considering your personal situation – to recommend certain supplements just because it sells this or that brand. Therefore, always ask why you should take this or that. Explanations such as “you will have much more energy” do not count. This may be a useful explanation for the tip to practice yoga for 25 minutes daily, but not to take a dietary supplement. Instead, concrete ingredients and their effects in the body should be explained.

The Checking

And if you notice strange-sounding additives on the list of ingredients, ask them in any case after their meaning and purpose. If it concerns substances, which you would like to avoid – that could z. For example, sweeteners or titanium dioxide – ask for an alternative preparation without these additives. Incidentally, capsules often contain fewer additives than dietary supplements in tablet form.

The right dosage

As with the choice, the dosage of your dietary supplement will mostly depend on you and your needs. Because it does not help to suck an acerola tab, which only contains 60 mg of vitamin C, if you need to take 500 mg of vitamin C for therapeutic purposes, which you should better resort to a high-dose acerola powder. Some people mistakenly believe that they only have to take a few spirulina pellets and that the iron requirement is covered.

Vitamin D3 capsules

It is therefore very important to dose the boost supplement in such a way that they also fulfil the intended purpose. Therefore, always pay attention to how much of the desired active substance or vital substance is contained in the respective product at all. However, it is popular with some manufacturers to indicate the active ingredient content per 100 grams or for liquids per litre.