Five Tips to Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

One of the most important things parents need to do for their kids is to take care of their teeth. Not only will it prevent them from getting cavities, but teaching kids how to take care of their teeth from an early age will set them up for a lifetime of good dental health. Here are five tips recommends parents should follow to keep their children’s teeth healthy.

1. Start Them Early

You need to start your children down a path to healthy teeth immediately. As soon as your child’s first tooth appears, you need to begin brushing it. When this happens, it is also a good idea to schedule the child’s first appointment with the dentist. The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring kids in for their first dental appointment within six months of their first tooth appearing.

2. Be a Good Example

Kids learn from their parents’ example. If you are diligent about your own dental care regimen, your kids will see and learn from it. Brush your own teeth twice a day, floss and rinse with mouthwash to keep your teeth healthy. Make sure to let kids watch you take care of your teeth. Answer all their questions. When you are a good role model, your children will naturally learn how to take care of their teeth properly.

3. Stay Away from Sugar

People in modern society eat way too much sugar, and this is very bad for the health of their teeth and much of the rest of their bodies as well. To protect their teeth, don’t let kids drink soda. You should also keep them away from other sugary beverages like fruit juice. Limit their consumption of candy and other sweets. Keeping kids away from sugar will protect their teeth and reduce their risk of other health problems like childhood obesity.

4. Teach Them to Floss

Almost all parents teach their children to brush their teeth, but far fewer teach them how to floss. Even those who do start much too late in most cases. You should begin flossing your toddlers’ teeth as soon as they have two teeth that touch together. Children should then be taught to floss on their own as soon as you think they are ready, usually sometime after the age of three.

5. Teach Them to Love the Dentist

Children can be afraid of going to the dentist, but that is only if they are taught to be. You can teach your children to think of a trip to the dentist as a fun occasion. Make it seem exciting. Give them a reward for behaving well. This will teach your kids to love the dentist and set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

If you want to keep your children’s teeth healthy, use the five tips above. A healthy mouth means a beautiful smile, and a beautiful smile will help your children have confidence. Make the effort to teach your kids good dental care to ensure they have healthy, strong teeth.