Hearing Aid Services and Repair: The Basics

In order to function properly, all hearing aids need repair and regular maintenance service. So ensure that your hearing aid is properly and regularly evaluated by an Audiologist.

Before going further on hearing aid services, let’s look at the common factors that causes damages

In most cases our own body is responsible for this damage. How? The moisture and cerumen (ear wax) that often penetrates this device causes it to malfunction. So at this point, the only solution required is the cleaning of the device by your Audiologist.

Another important factor includes the occasional breakdown of component of the device. Once this happens, you are advised not to fix the problem yourself to avoid further damage to the device, but it’s rather advised that you send the device back to the company for repair.

In order to ensure that your hearing aid serves you better and also last longer, you have to ensure that the device is often cleaned regularly, also avoid making contact with water, and use tissue or a soft towel to wipe it clean whenever it comes in contact with water and finally also ensure that the device is kept where their safety is guaranteed e.g a carrying case etc.

The Completely in Canal (CIC) models are the most delicate hearing aid out there, therefore they require much care. Don’t forget to always visit a reliable hearing aid service repairer to help you with cleaning and adjustment.

Here is a quick reference for the cleaning/ repair/ adjustment of different types of hearing aids:

  • The over the ear models can last about 12 months without hearing aid services
  • In the ear models often requires maintenance and repair every 9 to 12 months
  • CIC models can serve for about half a year to 9 months.

Note that, this above listed facts might vary according to the device model and also how often the user cleans the device? Not also forgetting its contact with water and body fluids.

In summary, when going for a hearing aid repair, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Ensure that your device is properly and gently cleaned after use
  • Always consult your Audiologist if you discover any malfunction.
  • Bear in mind that with small devices chances are, you will always require more maintenance and repair on it.