Is Anabol a Safe Steroid?

Anabol steroids are the most common oral steroids that are available in today’s market. Anabol is actually the brand name of the drug Dianabol or Dbol, which was introduced around 60 years back.  It was also the first ever synthetically produced anabolic steroid intended for human use. Though it is available in both the oral and injectable forms, the former is more popular amongst the users. Before you decide to start with this dru, having a proper idea about its dosage and the possible side effects is very essential.

The major side effect

Though over the years, Dianabol has helped many bodybuilders to gain muscle mass and this legal steroid promises to give you faster results in a very short period of time. But you should be also aware that it comes with a list of unfavorable side-effects like water retention in the body, additional bloating, increased blood pressure in some people, gynecomastia in men, reduced production of the body’s natural testosterone. Anabol can become toxic to the liver, this is the most vital side effect that you can expect when you are on a Dbol cycle. It is strictly advised that you avoid using it for longer periods as all 17 aa steroids prove to be extremely toxic for the liver.If you are on an oral cycle, it is very important that you intake high quantities of water and implementsome kind of liver protection method like drinking a lot of cranberry juice besides water.To make sure that your blood stays in normal ranges, you should perform a blood work before, during and also after the cycle.

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Its background

Anabol Steroids were created by doctorJ. Zeigler for the American athletes. Ever since then, it has gained huge popularity worldwide and is currently a hot favorite amongst the athletes for different type of sports. In the 70s, many bodybuilders started using it for gaining competitive advantage. Anabolic steroids help you to gain genuine muscle power and strength when stacked properly with other steroids.

The safety factor

Like any other steroid, even this powerful steroid Dianabol has quite a few side effects that you should be mentally prepared for before starting off its cycle. But, taking the drug responsibly i.e. by following all the precautions and the recommended dosage you can surely avoid such harmful side effects. The chances of encountering the side effects increase when you are on a higher dose of Anabol. The normally suggested dose is in between 25 to 50mg per day. If someone is on 70mg per day, he or she has high chances of experiencing unbearable back pumps and headache too. If you are planning to stack it with some other steroids like Test E or anything else then a dose of 25 mg is considered to be ideal. It is true that Anabol can become toxic to the liver, but if you follow all the above mentioned strategies then definitely it will help you to cope with the same at large.