Steroid temptations: drug use for bodybuilding

Usually, the bodybuilders use the drugs steroids and growth hormone. But there is always a question whether to take steroids or not to take. In the world of physique competition, not taking performance-enhancing drugs is referred as natural bodybuilding. If the bodybuilder takes minimal steroids, people consider it mostly natural or close to natural.

What you need to bulk up quickly? The most common steroid is used for bulking cycles with the main aim of gaining the size of the muscles. They are Dianabol, Anadrol, Testosterone and Deca Durabolin. According to the studies, greater gains are attempted by some bodybuilders in a bulking stack by combining multiple muscle-building steroids altogether. However one should keep in mind that attempting of using after combining anabolic steroids often comes with a greater risk. In the long run, they generally weaken you and are not very healthy.

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Testosterone or simply called as the “test” is one of the best drugs a bodybuilder can get. When it comes to strength gains, the suspension is the best form of testosterone due to the fact that it’s very fast acting because of the lack of ester in it. It is equivalent to taking the drug testosterone in water to react very quickly in the body.

However there is a drawback to the suspension due to its short half-life, it has to be taken daily. And for the optimal results, it should be shot up twice a day. Another drawback is the pain it inflicts on the user. Since most of the test suspension that is available in the market is of veterinary grade, so it is not micronized and thus the crystals are very large and clog syringes very easily.

Dianabol, also known as Dbol was one of the very first steroids ever developed and used by many bodybuilders. Its popularity rests with the fact that it is very easily administered and provides excellent long-lasting results for the user.

When Dbol is in the bloodstream of any bodybuilder there is a notable increase in insulin. When Dbol is controlling during periods of extreme stress, Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is synthesized, which is responsible for bringing about the lower level of stress, increased hunger, a relaxed feeling and sounder sleep.

There is a drawback for using Dbol. It causes suppression of natural production of testosterone and the exogenous testosterone supplement needs to be taken to combat these side effects such that the testosterone is maintained properly. Also, it causes the body to retain water, so high dosage of Dbol over a long period of time can cause damage to the liver.

Steroid accomplishes increased muscles growth and recovery, strength, and leanness through various mechanisms, but the net result is same. The protein synthesis rate is greatly increased or protein degradation rate is greatly reduced or both at the same time. This results in rapid muscle growth. The mechanisms of body fat level is reduced or suppressed. These vary from drugs to drugs and are not worth talking about.