Winstrol Only Cycle – Is It A Right Choice?

Winstrol is often times used by bodybuilders in a cutting cycle to retain lean muscle mass, having fat burning properties. Therefore, reducing the fat level to a very low level. As the aim of the cutting cycle is to maintain lean muscle mass while removing fat from the body.

Winstrol only cutting cycles are mainly used to increase the level of testosterone in the body. This helps the body to use more testosterone in preserving lean muscle. This does not take part in weight gain, when used in cutting cycle.

Why People Are Avoiding Them

Stanozolol is capable of producing deadly side effects. The most common ones reported are the liver toxicity, testosterone suppression, and severe joint pain. No doubt that, Winstrol is a very popular steroid in the market, but it’s true, only when used as a compound in a stack. This is a type of steroid, which boosts the properties of others. But when Winstrol alone is used, it unable to fulfill the requirements of the bodybuilders, and the side effects are often very severe.

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Times When Alone Is Beneficial

According to the experts, women should be only ones using a Winstrol only cycle. Although, there are many severe side effects of using them. But the doses for women are so low that the benefits of them counteracts the risk. A woman’s body reacts much better with androgenic steroids than man’s body, which means they need a very little dosage compared to men to achieve great strength and power.

Advice For Men Bodybuilders

Despite all the harsh side effects, Winstrol has a great potential, but it is better to stack it with testosterone before using it. What is more beneficial, is to keep the cycle length short, to get minimal amount of side effects. The best option available is, to make the Winstrol cycle short, and after that cycle, take a break for about the same time as the cycle. Then after, start the same cycle combining another popular anabolic steroid in the market. This will help to reduce the side effects up to some extent.

A Winstrol only cycle can certainly provide gains than most of the cycle available online. But the truth about Winstrol is that this cycle is very hard to your body, and can cause serious damage. One should consider taking advice from any expert before starting the cycle.