Crowdfunding for Literacy Programs

In the traditional sense, crowdfunding has always been known to be a huge boon for the educational sector. For the crowdfunding India, and those adept with the concept online fundraising, would be able to tell you how much it has benefited people and families who want to get a good education, but were previously unable to do so because of financial constraints. Innumerable campaigns on Impact Guru have raised large sums of money for initiatives ranging from building schools, equipping underprivileged schools with tables, chairs, books, computer, funding scholarships for individual students, and also for extra-curricular activities.

Extending the advantages of a crowdfunding India for education, we’d like to present another idea that could go a long way in helping both, adults and children in getting a wholesome learning experience – Crowdfunding for literacy programs

What are literacy programs?

Schools normally teach different subjects in detail, such as languages, mathematics, reading, writing, general knowledge etc. A targeted literacy program aims to pick the best and most important elements of what we’ve been taught, and focus on polishing skills in areas like vocabulary, comprehension, writing, phonemic awareness, phonic instructions, and many others. Such programs can be amazingly beneficial for those who are unable to afford long-term regular education, for adults who haven’t had a chance to go to school, for those who’ve studied but need to polish their skills again, and even for children. Literacy programs may be conducted as individual workshops, weekly classes, night training for the working populations, the possibilities are endless.

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How literacy programs can help the India population?

  • Ensures more people have access to basic learning and education
  • Prepares the adult population for employment
  • Raises awareness about the need for education and reduces illiteracy
  • Beneficial to ensure rural literacy, even in remote areas that don’t have proper schools
  • Literacy programs focused for rural and urban women, increasing women literacy rates

What crowdfunding can do for literacy programs?

To successfully run literacy programs throughout the country, one would need educational resources such as books, computers, stationary, educators fees, and so much more. That said, crowdfunding may be the most viable solution for continued financial support for such programs. The greatest advantage of crowdfunding is that you can reach out to so many more people, and pool in small contributions from many donors.

At Impact Guru, we understand the value of education in transforming society for the better, and more importantly, securing the future of younger generations. All literacy programs big or small, are welcome to use our platform to gain financial support for their initiatives in this space. A crowdfunding India is a financially sustainable India!