4 Essential Reasons To Stop Drinking And Smoking

We can all agree that consuming too many cigarettes and alcohol could lead to chronic problems and health issues. Of course, everything depends on the frequency of using, but still, this is the common road to cardiovascular diseases.

Apart from the idea that you will become an addict, it is also difficult to bear with everyday chores and responsibilities. Imagine that your boss appears with urine or blood tests for drugs and alcohol.

What would you do? One solution is to go to http://blog.ideafit.com/blogs/harcourt-health-1/clear-choice-sub-solution-critique-will-it-clear-a-drug-test, while another is to stop doing it in the first place. The question is how and why you should do it:

  1. Benefits Come Right Away

We will start by saying that zero tobacco and less alcohol will remove crutches that appeared before. After eight hours completely tobacco and alcohol-free, the carbon monoxide and nicotine levels will reduce by half. Finally, you will be able to breathe without any additional problem.

That will increase the amount of oxygen that will circulate through your system, and increase energy and health simultaneously. On the other hand, alcohol is famous for its depressant features.

You will gain artificial high after having a drink, so after you stop, it will lead to a depressed and anxious state. You will feel the comfort and enjoyment while sleeping after 48 hours without alcohol. At the same time, people who leave it behind will lose a bit of weight too.

  1. You Will Enjoy Food More

After you give up smoke and drinks, you will have the hangover feeling. However, you will notice that smells and taste will increase after a few days without it. The main reason for that is that nicotine contains toxins and chemicals that will reduce the sense of smell and taste.

As soon as you stop smoking, you will start enjoying your food again. It is simple as that.

  1. You Will Improve Lung Capacity

After a few months without cigarettes, you will notice a significant difference in your body. For starters, your lung will improve its capacity so you will be able to take deep breaths and enjoy strenuous activities and exercises. For more information on lung capacity and quitting smoke, check here.

At the same time, after withdrawal methods, you will start to deal easier with stress than before. You will have subtle cravings that will put you on edge for a few days, but we recommend you to focus on the goal and on staying positive. Your health will thank you for that.

  1. You Will Reduce The Health Risks

Booze and smoking will increase the chances of developing severe conditions and illnesses. It starts with heart diseases, cancer, stroke, pneumonia, diabetes and what is most important to state: impotence. The best way to reduce the risk of gaining these conditions is to reduce the bad habits.

In case that you quit with it, you will increase the health of your heart by 50% than before one year after quitting. On the other hand, alcohol is the closest road to getting to cancer issues. According to one study, throat and mouth cancer chances will drop dramatically after you stop drinking.


It doesn’t matter which factor will rationalize your decision because you have to wait for a few months and you will notice a difference. We haven’t mentioned the most important factor that will immediately take you to the other side.

When you quit with bad habits, you will look better too. So, if you are in transition and you think what should I do with my life; the first thing that you should consider is changing your habits. On the contrary, you will increase chances of numerous illnesses that await you.