Everything needs to know about Non-surgical Nose jobs

If you are having a nose job, but you feel worried about invasive surgery, instead, here a non-surgical nose job procedure. A nose job is one of the popular beauty techniques in the whole world and non-surgical rhinoplasty proven to be the massive hit for both men and women around the world. A medical procedure in which Injectable fillers and shape a one’s nose without any invasive surgery. It is called the Non-invasive nose job.The procedure only fills in the depressed region on the nose.

How do Nonsurgical Nose jobs work?

A surgical Rhinoplasty is one of the traditional methods of performing repair work on the nose; the non-surgical nose job option is gaining popularity between the medical patients. It is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the patient and it can be done in 15 minutes, involves little pain or recovery time after the procedure.

This procedure is not a new brand to the medical world and the use of non-surgical nose job has expanded to transform the complete look of the nose.

Many times, doctors will fill in the nose through the use of cartilage from another side of the nose. By using this cartilage, the nose introduces the natural element into the body instead of a foreign substance. These jobs tend to feel so softer and less bone than a traditional procedure which is performed on the nose. Some doctors have concerns about injecting filler into the nose, because of the high-risk complications.

Why do we use Non-surgical procedure?

In the traditional strategy, the recovery and downtime are much less than that involved regular nose job. Some cases, there is no recovery and downtime required, which means there is no comfortableness and no painful congestion as well no dramatic looking swelling and bruising.

Often, the non-surgical nose job is referred to as ’15 minutes nose jobs’, because they can be done so quickly.

Basically, it involves Derman fillers to increase the volume of the nose and make it look far more aesthetic and symmetrical.

They are incredibly safe. Because they use an only little amount of local anesthetics and no need any stitches or bandages either.

Complications of the Cosmetic Nose Job

After a Cosmetic Nose Job procedure, the risks might occur

  • Asymmetrical or lumpy appearances or unsatisfactory results
  • Nasal skin damage is as possible, but only great injector can assist
  • Redness- It disappears after a few days.
  • Sometimes, bruising and swelling may occur
  • Tenderness

Sometimes, these risks are associated with unqualified injectors.

Moreover, this traditional cosmetic procedure did not reduce the width of your nose. The traditional non-surgery gives more permanent results. Whether the decision on a surgical or non-surgical nose job procedure is up to the patient.  If you prefer a non-surgical nose job, makes an appointment with a certified cosmetic surgeon to figure out your options. The nose fillers are temporary and sometimes reversible and slightly more affordable but less effective for major nose shape and size problems.