How Can A Fertility Clinic Help You

Couples looking to have children are not always so lucky. This is why a fertility clinic Raleigh might be able to help couples who desperately want children in their lives. If you are one of those people, then here’s a simple guide on how exactly a fertility clinic would be able to help you.

When Should I Go?

There are several signs that you should visit a fertility clinic. One of the most obvious ones is difficulty in conceiving. If you have had a year of unprotected intercourse and no bun is in the oven, there is most likely a problem. It is also important that you seek the help of a fertility clinic if you are over the age of 37. Older people have may experience fertility issues and will possibly need assistance when it comes to getting pregnant.

Additionally, if you or your partner are suffering from genital problems or past reproductive issues like miscarriages or disease, it is best to consult immediately with a fertility clinic. They have options available for both sexes that can help better your reproductive chances.

Male Options

For men, fertility clinics can resolve issues that are messing with sperm production and delivery. Surgery is available for those who have blockages in their prostate that can mess things up.

There are also treatments and medication available for infections and various conditions. A diseased prostate may need antibiotics to help get back into shape, while physical and psychological conditions may make it difficult for men to ejaculate properly.

Hormones can also be recommended to help increase the sperm count. Low sperm count means that though everything is working properly, the sperm is just not enough for the job. With a higher sperm count, it may help your their chances of impregnating their partner.

Female Options

For women, there are actually two main options. One of them is surgery. Similar to men, women may have blockages in their bodies that may make it hard for sperm to fertilize the egg. The other option is less invasive and is more concerned with increasing fertility via drugs and hormones. Injecting these may help increase a woman’s chance to get pregnant.

Artificial Options

Finally, for those really desperate, there are some artificial options available. There is IUI, intrauterine insemination, where semen is harvested and placed directly into the uterus for easier fertilization. IVF, in vitro fertilization, is another option. Sperm and egg are collected together and brought together in a lab to fertilize. After a few days, the egg is implanted in the uterus. Finally, there is GIFT, gamete intrafallopian transfer, and ZIFT, zygote intrafallopian transfer. These options are similar IVF except the egg is placed in the fallopian tube directly – and without a waiting period.

Drop By To Get The Help You Need

With all the options available to those who wish for children of their own, a fertility clinic is the best choice. Find a clinic near you to start your process.

A fertility clinic Raleigh can help you understand the reason why you are having trouble conceiving. Fertility experts can help diagnose and treat possible issues and help you conceive.